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Veos Inox Quality

Our quality control is a process that goes hand-in-hand with every step of the production.

Tailor Made

We are listening to your needs. Each project is treated with care to meet your expectations.


Since 1981, we are a guarantee of quality to simplify the realization of all your projects.

Pliage sur CNC de haute précision jusqu’à 13pi 6po / 4.11m


Specialized in welding of stainless steel and aluminum.



We offer a full service. Keep your mind in peace. We install in residential, commercial and industrial environment.
With our team of installers, we make sure that everything is done in the state of the art.
Measurement is optional for all projects.
RBQ #5729.5537.01

Gives a high-end finish to all our products.


Manufacture with digital control tools for precision and repeatability of parts.



Our design team can help you improve or add to your concept.

We put at your disposal the expertise acquired during our 37 years of experience in the design and manufacture of stainless steel products.

This allows us to offer you a range of products as varied as countertops, displays, sinks, cabinets, conveyors, fish counters, furniture, corners, architectural and decorative elements as well as any other product made to measure according to your needs.

Whether you are an architect, an engineer or a contractor, we are in the best position to meet all your needs in stainless steel, that your field of activity is the pharmaceutical, food, architecture, restoration or the field of health.

Having a very varied field of activities, our company adapts its products to your needs. We evolve with you every day to meet the requirements of the market combining both the quality of the experience and the flexibility of a Quebec company!

Our staff will assist you in the evolution of your projects from the technical development, through the monitoring of manufacturing to quality control. The involvement of each of our employees in a team work goes through the following areas:

– Folding; Welding; Installation; Polishing; Machining; Design.